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The Lola & Genise School

The Lola & Genise School was founded in February 2017, and classes began in September of the same year. The school is registered with Haiti’s Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, and teachers and educational staff are certified. Initially, the Lola & Genise School opened educating preschool through first grade, but with each year of growth, the school is now educating children up to 3rd grade.

The school is in Terre Rouge (meaning red earth) in a remote village in the mountains west of Jacmel. During the school day, children are not only supplied with education, learning to read and write in French and other academic subjects but also fed a large meal, and for some, this may be the only meal of the day. At Feed One Haiti, we believe that through education, the goal can be attained; these educated children not only pass their newfound knowledge on to their parents and elders of the village but also become leaders of their communities and country.

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